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Seminar on International Human Rights

The Shahed Bhutto Foundation stands at the forefront of change, as it orchestrates a powerful seminar on international human rights. This gathering of minds, dedicated to the pursuit of justice and equality, promises to be a beacon of enlightenment. With a diverse array of speakers, including visionaries like Dr. Nasir Hussain Bukhari, Mr. Farhatullah Babar, Miss Munizea Jahangir, and more, the seminar is set to ignite passionate dialogues and inspire action. The audience, a dynamic blend of advocates, scholars, and enthusiasts, contributes to the collective heartbeat of change. As the foundation lays the groundwork for an impactful event, the seminar becomes a crucible where ideas, experiences, and dreams meld to forge a path toward a world where human rights are unassailable, and the call for justice echoes far and wide. This event was jointly organized by shaheed bhutto foundation ,PPP HUMAN RIGHT CELL & PMHA ON 10th December 2023 at SZABIST Islamabad.

Event Photographs

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