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Peoples Education Program

The prime objective of this Program is to introduce innovative, realistic and functional educational concepts. Concepts that could lead to enlightened tendencies and gainful employment with the ultimate aim to overcome impediments that hamper the spread of education. The goal would be achieved through two approaches:

  • 1. Aptitude based learning
  • 2. Market oriented education

The first approach encompasses educating and training students according to their aptitude and ability, by adopting a purposeful curriculum. SBF is planning to implement the idea through establishing a chain of Peoples School, Colleges along with Peoples BOISE and a state-of-the-art Peoples University.

The second approach targets technical education. Based on market demands, capacity of both male and female students will be built on technical lines. Peoples technical institutes, colleges culminating in a Peoples Technical University, will be established to link education to the markets.

Peoples Health Program is yet another top priority program, as we believe that Health is a Human Right. This segment has three components:

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